Maximum speed 18kM/h (9.32 mpl)

Although Solopattino can reach 18 km /h, we do not advise you to go that fast: it could be risky even if you have long-standing experience. That’s why once you’ve reached 12Km/h (7.46 mph) an acoustic signal warns you that you’ve reached the best speed. At 15km/h (9.32 mph) the footrests slightly bent backward to inviting you to slow down.


AUTONOMY up to 10kM (6.21 M)

Over the distance, the life of the battery depends upon: the weight of the person who’s gliding on Solopattino, the outside temperature, the slope and the kind of route. Each Solopattino is equipped with a 4 LED indicator of battery’s life: each indicator represents 25% of the total charge. When 15% charge is left, an acoustic alarm beeps to invite you to stop and recharge. The battery may not have the necessary power for potholes and obstacles or to support an abrupt change of direction.



Its average duration covers 1000 recharging cycles. Once its life cycle is over, you can replace it.


220 V – 67 V 50/60HZ

It just takes 60 minutes to recharge the battery to 100%. Before any trip make sure your Solopattino is fully charged and don’t forget to bring behind its charger, just in case!



Solopattino also runs under gentle rain and on wet ground as long as water depth does not exceed one centimetre.


9,8 Kg

A reasonable weight but above all a simple and compact shape that enables you to take Solopattino with you everywhere you go, by using its shell’s handle or putting it in a backpack.


110 kg

Even heavy people glide lightly on Solopattino.
The footrests can stand up to 110 kg altogether, which is your own weight plus the weight of objects you carry on you: bags or backpacks.


UP to 30°

Solopattino runs well even uphill. Obviously, the lighter you are the better you deal with slopes.
However, Solopattino will amaze you: it’s an excellent climber.


FROM -10°C TO 40°C (14°F TO 104°F)

The open-air temperature has an impact on the battery performance. At -5°C (23°F) the battery life can be 3 times less. Solopattino can be used in between -10°C (14°F) and 40°C (104°F) but the ideal outdoor temperature is between 10°C (50°F) and 30°C (86°F).


350 WATT

An engine whose sprightly boost allows Solopattino to run smoothly on a flat surface, a sharp one uphill, to be reactive in front of obstacles and versatile on bumpy grounds.
An engine that gives you confidence to have a good time.

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